Who We Are

Women Outreach Service of Texas is a 501c3 organization. Our focus remains helping survivors of domestic violence with immediate needs, often while they care for their at-risk children.

Our Mission

We serve families in crisis connecting them with life-saving resources, including emergency counseling and mental health referrals.


We are Survivors!


Women Outreach Service of Texas – founded in 2007 by three businesswomen, one of which was a domestic violence survivor. Ms. Tamara Clark, Ms. Darlene Hodge and Ms. Theresa G. Hamilton saw a need to assist survivors as they transition. The trio received IRS 501c3 status for the organization in November 12,2008, allowing the women to get training and certifications from domestic violence agencies such as Houston Area Women Center under MS. Gwen Holts and several Directors at Houston Area Women’s Center, located at 1010 Waugh Dr. Houston, Texas 77019. After receiving training, the women volunteered at servals shelters to received hands on training with families in transition.

Women Outreach Service of Texas collaborated with several agencies to further educate our team, such as The Women’s Home, The Women Roots, Turning Point Center, Harmony House, St Joseph House, Target Hunger and Fertile Grounds.

Volunteering and training with these agencies lead to Women’s Outreach Service of Texas securing its own office and begin providing services in May of 2015.

I Am Enough

Women’s Outreach Service of Texas
5450 Northwest Central Dr. suite 109
Houston TX 77092

We have assisted over 600 women in transition through our mobile outreach services.


We offer community outreach, transitional housing locations, anger-management awareness information, connections to mental health services and other resources needed by families transitioning from abusive situations.

Healing House

Our vision for Healing House is….